Financial Audit Services

accounting-servicesBusinesses often are required to have an annual audit of their financial statements to obtain licensing, financing, to qualify for certain government contracts, or for many other reasons.

Financial audits are time-consuming and more difficult to complete than lower levels of assurance provided by CPAs. As a result, many smaller CPA firms do not have the resources to provide that level of service to clients. Mark Simons, the founder, and owner of our company was previously an audit partner of a national CPA firm and he has the experience to provide this high level of service to our clients. The audit of financial records is the highest level of assurance a CPA can give to a business's financial position and on its operations.

With our resources, we can provide audit services to companies of any size, and can develop a plan of action for the audit that will meet or exceed your business's needs for a financial records audit.

We complete audits in accordance with Generally Accepted Auditing Standards, Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards, as well as international auditing standards. We can also provide internal control and compliance audits in accordance with governmental requirements as well as specific industry requirements.

If your business needs to consider an annual audit for any reason, we suggest you call us to discuss your needs and we can provide you with a free estimate or we will do a timetable for the completion of the work.

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